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As a consortium of life-affirming centers, we are defining excellence in women’s healthcare.  Committed to being pro woman in every way, every day, requires dedication to extremely high standards and services.  Through a heart of service and accompaniment, Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers are changing the world, one woman at a time.

Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers represent a diverse center network; centers can be secular or faith-based, but all are committed to life-affirming healthcare that cooperates with women’s bodies.

Every PWHC is a licensed medical center that has gone through a verification process by the PWHC national office before being granted the certification seal as a Pro Women’s Healthcare Center and member of the consortium.  For a more complete explanation of the standards required to become a Pro Women’s Healthcare Center, please view our standards page.

The PWHC national office seeks to forge connections so that centers can learn from one another and inspire the creation of even more centers across the nation to increase women’s access to life-affirming healthcare. 

Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers want to inspire existing OB/GYNs, pregnancy centers, or fertility care centers that are interested in expanding your services to meet the comprehensive standards of a PWHC.

Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers want to assist groups of dedicated caregivers who want to create a new PWHC in your local area.

Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers want to help medical professionals interested in joining an existing center or starting your own PWHC.

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