For Women

Healthcare for Women

As your center for a lifetime of womanhood, a PWHC is committed to offering you convenient, compassionate, high-quality medical services and access to social services.

Well Woman and GYN Care
Every PWHC offers comprehensive health services, including well-woman exams, STD testing and treatment, breast exams, and more.

Maternity Care: Prenatal and Post-partum
Every PWHC offers pregnancy testing and prenatal care through 20 weeks of pregnancy or more.  They also offer miscarriage support kits, abortion pill reversal, and hormone management services.

Fertility Education and Infertility Screening
Every PWHC offers certified fertility awareness instruction on-site or nearby, as well as infertility consultations and corrective surgical options.

On-Site or Direct Referrals for Material, Emotional, Practical, and Spiritual Resources as Needed
PWHC’s offer guidance on finding clothing, food, housing, adoption services, childbirth classes, abortion healing, counseling and more.

1. Empowering Women’s Healthcare: Body, Mind, and Spirit

We believe that all women should feel empowered and be equipped with the knowledge to listen to their body and advocate for their health. Through a partnership based on respect and listening our integrated approach to healthcare emphasizes the whole woman, including her physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers specialize in women’s healthcare in order to fill the societal need to specifically address the unique healthcare and reproductive needs of women. Centers also address the needs of men, families, and communities as they relate to women’s healthcare.

2. Offering Services Related to the Purpose, Power, & Beauty of the Healthy Female Body

Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers believe in cooperating with the female body. This philosophy leads Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers to value fertility awareness, birth options, and the unique power of women to nurture life.

Empowering you to understand your body’s natural fertility leads to personalized treatment of your hormonal issues. It also serves as effective family planning, with no damage to your health or relationships by artificial contraceptive drugs. Regarding birth options, every PWHC respects that pregnant women have varying preferences when it comes to how to give birth, and we welcome you as a PWHC patient even if you’ve given birth elsewhere.

3. Accessible, Comprehensive, Confidential: A Place Where You Feel You Belong

We understand that you need services that reach every facet of your life as a woman. Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers desire to walk alongside you, regardless of your medical need, age, race, nationality, background, belief, or financial ability. Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers can provide financial aid in particular situations of need.

Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers know women and families often need more resources in order to care for themselves and their children. If you are a woman in an unexpected pregnancy and aren’t sure what to do, Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers seek to help you receive the medical and comprehensive care you need in order to feel motherhood or adoption is a plausible choice for you. If you aren’t sure what to do about your pregnancy, we welcome you to discuss all your options with us.

All services are confidential and every center follows patient privacy laws and state and federal regulations for licensed medical facilities.

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